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from Pledis most beautiful garden comes these two long haired princess! which will you choose?
Seventeens Jeonghan
Nu'est Ren
sassy, sexy, and ohh sooo pretty! our two prince have so much in common!
I can't these two boys perfection is too much!!! It's too hard to choose, I'll take both! (credits to google pics/insta)
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Jeonghan, though Ren with his hair pulled up. It's been pretty pretty, yet can't mistake him for a girl, Prince Jeonghan from day 1.
To bad Ren cut his hair off. Even though he is still pretty cute with short hair. 😍
@MelissaGarza they both did! =(
@Ticasensei really? I didn't know about Jeonghan? when did that happen. I wonder it's for their comeback?
@MelissaGarza yeah it is, I posted about it the pledis garden collection ;)