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1. Add fiber to your diet Troubles with irregularity can definitely contribute to weight gain, but the solution is quite simple. By simply increasing the amount of dietary fiber in your diet, you will improve the health of your stomach and digestive tract. Some research also indicates that fiber has a positive effect on your metabolism. Fiber can be found in foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins, but the problem with fiber is that it is often difficult to get enough. To fix this problem, replace all of your simple carbs with fibrous ones and don’t look back. For example, if you regularly consume candy, replace it with fruit instead. And if you love sugary cereal in the morning for breakfast, replace it with oatmeal instead. 2. Replace carbs with spinach If you’re looking for another reason to replace simple carbs in your diet with complex carbs and fibrous vegetables, look no further. Simple carbs can cause spikes in insulin, a fat-storing hormone that increases your appetite as well — a double whammy. But complex carbohydrates have the opposite effect, keeping insulin levels low, and they also control your appetite, due to the fact that they are very difficult to digest. 3. Take your vitamins Believe it or not, many vitamins play a role in fat mobilization and can help you lose weight. Vitamin C is a great example, since it is needed for the production of several amino acids that aid in the fat-burning process. In addition to this, some studies have shown that vitamin D can increase the amount of fat burned by up to 50 percent. Both A and B vitamins play a critical role in keeping stress levels in check, which is important, since if your stress levels are high, your body will automatically go into fat-storing and muscle-burning mode — something you definitely don’t want. You don’t need anything fancy — just a basic multivitamin should work fine. 4. Drink green tea Studies show that not only is green tea very high in antioxidants, but it can also increase your metabolism and make it much easier for your body to burn additional calories. 5. Get caffeine at the right time In addition to green tea, consuming caffeine on a daily basis can help improve your fat-loss results by increasing your metabolism. Caffeine also acts as an appetite suppressant, working to control your cravings and making it easier to lose weight. Consuming caffeine before your workouts can also help you burn additional calories, so try drinking a cup of tea or coffee about 30 minutes before you hit the gym. It will give you the extra drive and focus needed to complete your workouts at full intensity. from: life.gaiam.com/
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