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Continue reading? Part 2
JIMIN POV I put my arm around her. I loved cuddling with her in bed. She was the only girl that had my heart. As I pulled her closer she rolled around to face me. She looked me in the eyes. "I love you" She whispered as she put a hand on my cheek. "I love you to babe" I said and pushed my lips to hers. She was so addicting. She pulled apart. "No you have to get up early, so go to sleep." She smiled. "Fine." I had to admit she was right. She always was. She knew me too well. If I didn't get enough sleep it would show. *Annoying alarm* I open my eyes. She's not here. I sat up. I looked over the room. Oh yeah I'm on tour. She's not here. She will never be here. God I missed her. I pull my knees close and rest my head against them. I let a few tears fall. Why did she have to end it? I thought she loved me? I wanted to be with her forever. I had to get this in check today was a busy day and I had to be ok. I had to be happy and not show that I was breaking on the inside. It's only be a month and it just doesn't seem to get better. I pulled out my phone. I started going through the pictures of us. I just wish she told me why she suddenly fell out of love with me. She was always happy and we loved each other so much. "Jimin.." I turned to my roommate. "I'm fine Hoseok." "Are you sure?" He has been a great friend through this. "Yea." I turned off my phone and went to take a shower.By the time I got out I was "back to normal" No one would see that I was dying on the inside. Finally after our busy day I was laying back in my bed. Hoseok was with the others. I wasn't in the mood. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. Maybe after a month she was missing me like I missed her. "Hello" "Y/n" "Oh Jiminie! How are you?" "I'm ok." It was loud in the background. could she hear me? "Ok that's good." "Hey y/n come on its your turn." I heard a guy in the background. "Shut up its My Jiminie! I haven't talked to him in forever." Was she drunk "Jiminie ......" "Are you drunk?" "Hehe just a little." "A little?!" "Jiminie don't be mad....You love me right! Know I love you too." All those feelings I thought we're gone from her were here. But no way did she mean them she was drunk. "Jiminieeeeee" "Y/n you don't mean said you don't love me a month ago." I had to make sure she knew what she was doing "Y/n who's jiminie?" I heard a girls voice. "Um...he's my...." and she started crying..."My ex boyfriend I guess." "Don't cry...please....I still love were the one who broke up with me." I said into the phone. "Oh my god I'm such a horrible person." Someone took her phone. I heard in the background several things. "Hey I know your her ex. I'm kind of dating her. She is just too drunk to realize that she wasn't talking to me." Some dude got on her phone. "I don't think so your names not Jiminie is it?" "No" "Then it wasn't meant for you." "Dude get over her she's with me and you'll never get her back." He hung up. This pissed me off why was he being so cocky. When I get back to Korea I'm going to go see her. There is no way she is with that kind of guy. I started thinking of what she said. Why was she crying over breaking up with me? Didn't she want it? Why was she saying she was a horrible person?. NORMAL POV "Why are you saying this?" "Jimin I just don't love you anymore." "That's a lie." If he kept pestering me I'd break down. "No Jimin you've been busy....I have realized i dont love you anymore. I need to be with someone else." "I'm sorry. I can just stop." "Jimin don't you dare say that. You worked hard to be where you are now. I won't let you throw it away. Your famous and you deserve someone who can handle that." "Y/n I love you why..." "I'm sorry Jimin it's over." I turned and ran away. The tears poured down my face. This hurt like hell. I never have lied to him since we have been together. *annoying alarm* It's been a month since I broke up with Jimin. It still feels like yesterday. I miss him and even though I see him on tv I still miss him. I wish I was strong enough to know I wouldn't have gotten in the way of his career then maybe I would still be with him. Loving him up close instead of far away. *ring ring* I grabbed my phone. "Hello" "Oh good your awake. Dude are you ok?" "Yea why?" "You drank alot." "Well....yea I needed to forget some things and it helped." " the fact that you broke up with Jimin?" "What how did you..." " (y/n) he called you last night. You were saying he loved you and you loved him. Then he said something and when Becky asked who it was you said it was your ex boyfriend you guess and started crying then he said something and you said you were a horrible person and Adam took the phone and said you were taken and he would never get you back." "Oh my that is going to mess with everything!" "What do you mean" "Lexi!!!! I can't talk to Jimin when I'm drunk I can't keep my feelings back he isn't suppose to know I still love him." "Well he knows something....maybe he thinks you are upset for breaking his heart." "I don't know hopefully he doesn't call again." "Ha ok but Adam is coming over with food for you ok." "Awesome thank you." "Bye." We hung up. So that's why I had that dream....I really don't remember him calling. Was I too drunk? My phone rang again. "Hello." "(Y/n) how are you feeling?" "Jimin?" "Yea" "Why are you calling?" "I was worried after last night. I just want to talk to you. I missed you." I wanted to cry. I missed his voice and I missed his touch. "Jimin...I miss you too." "Can't we just get back together." "No...I miss you....that doesn't mean I love you." I bit my lip trying to hold back the tears. This was to hard. Thankfully someone rang my doorbell. I walked over to it. "If you say so." He sounded hurt. "I'm sorry...I really am" I opened the door to Adam. "Hey babe I brought food for your hangover." He said handing me food. "Is that the guy you were with last night?" Jimin asked "Yes." "Are you dating him?" "Why do you think that?" "He said it last night...." "And you believed that? I'm sorry but I am not dating anyone." "But..." "Jimin...." the phone was snatched from me. "Hey!" "Jimin don't call her again. She isn't your concern anymore." Adam hung up. I grabbed my phone from him. "You asshole!" "What you are suppose to be getting over that idiot. How can you get over him if you spill your true feelings towards him." "I wasn't going to." "Yes you were." "Adam just leave me alone now. I will never date you and you need to get that through your head." "You'll date me. Once Jimin starts dating then you won't be holding out for him." He said and walked out the door. I locked my door and went to my bed. I scrolled through my phone. I quickly pulled up Jimin's number and started writing a text....then I deleted it. I did need to move on but it was hard. I hadn't talked to him in a month and all I wanted to do right now was run back into his arms. *Ding* I looked at my phone. I got a text from Jimin. I opened it to see a picture of when we first met.


"Come on (y/n)! There are so many rides to ride!" Lexi said running ahead of me. "Ok ok." I caught up to her. "Let's not run ok" "Boo....Omo (y/n) look at that guy." I followed her gaze. "Yea and?" "He's so handsome." Hmm this guy was cute Alright but not my kind of cute. He was sitting on a bench. He looked our direction and she started squealing. He smiled and waved. I looked at her and she was already on her way to talk to him. I tried to grab her hand and stop her but I missed and almost fell tripping over myself. I waited for the impact but it never happened. I peeked opened one eye. I saw the ground wasn't far from my face and just turned to see who was holding me. "I'm glad your not hurt." He said and my breath was taken away. He pulled me to stand up and I started fixing myself. "Thank you." "No problem." He smiled. This guy had a killer smile and his black hair and skin town was perfect. "What's your name?" I asked "Jimin what's yours?" "It's (y/n)" "Beautiful." I almost forgot about my friend and quickly turned to see her running off with the guy towards a ride. "Oh come on!" I said in frustration. "What's wrong?" "My friend just ditched me for a guy." I said pointing at her and the guy. "Oh that's my friend taehyung. She's in safe hands." "That's not what I'm worried about." "Want me to go on rides with you then? Just till they get back?" "Would you really?" "Yea! Let's go." He grabbed my hand and we started going towards a ride. After a few rides we where resting and he pulled out his phone. "Let's take a picture." "Ok" I gave him a look "I just want proof that I was hanging out with a beautiful girl and not just by myself since taehyung ditched me." "Ha ok." "Alright 1....2.....3 " He took a picture. "We look good together." He said showing me the picture. "Wow your right." I said smiling. "Ok this is really fast but could I get your number?" "It's not fast...I was thinking the same thing." I said pulling my phone out and handing it to him. We quickly exchanged info and then went off to ride some more rides.I don't know what this feeling is but I like it alot.


I sent him a text. Me: I can't believe you still have that picture! Jiminie: Yea I have alot more. I won't delete them. Me: Well what if your future girlfriend wants you to delete them? Jiminie: Why would you want me to delete them? Me: Jimin....seriously you need to move with someone the same status as you. Jiminie: I don't want someone who is the same status I want you! I love you. Me: Jimin please stop.... I'm sorry for everything...but don't text or call me again. Jiminie: But why!?! Jiminie: (y/n) can't we at least be in each others lives? Jiminie: I'll stop for now but I'm not giving up on us. That was it I started crying. If he was going to keep trying to be in my life things were going to get more complicated.
So here is a new story. I promised @torchix that I would make a Jimin story. I hope everyone likes it and let me know what you think. If anyone wants to be tagged or taken off the tag list let me know.
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