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Hello vingle fam! So today is the day! I will finally be posting a card with the introduction to my first fanfic! I hope you guys like it.^~^


okkkkk ahh im excited! 1st- I'm not sure if I should call it a fanfiction since none of the characters (so far) are real idols. But ummm idk what else to call it sooo 2nd- I still need a few details as for the names of some characters and I also don't know what should be the name of my "fanfic". So I will be asking you guys to give me names and ideas! 3- So far I have 8 chapters, but first I wanted to do the introduction haha. And as for the times and days I will be posting the next chapter, honestly I will try to do it daily but since I have exams coming up I might not have time! But again I will try to make time, so please wait for me! haha (≧∇≦)/ 4- THIS IS TOO DANG LONG SOOO LET'S START!
Main characters: •Han Nari Han Nari is a high school girl that attends xx high school in California. She is a bright student and has the best parents ever! Her mom is always there for her and her father is always up for an adventure. Besides all that, she has two of the most amazing girls as her best friends. As you have noticed her name is Han Nari, a korean name. Her father is korean and her mother half korean and half hispanic. Both parents have taught Nari well and they adore her but there is a slight problem. Due to an unexpected call, Nari and her family might have to leave their previous lifes and start over in a total different country. •Baek Min-Joon Min-Joon however, lives in Seoul S.Korea. He ,as a child used to be radiant and sweet; but ever since his father past away when he (Min Joon) was twelve he has changed completely. He is now a cold hearted guy ,and his dreams of becoming a singer are no longer existent. He now only cares for his younger brother that is now four years old. soooo that's the intro of the main character girl and boy! It might seem pretty boring but I have some tricks up my sleeve hehehe so guys please continue to wait for chapter 1! also a few details I need you guys to help me with are the names for Nari's 2 best friends. since they are in california I need some american names haha and also for the name of my fanfic i kinda came up with ~ bitter sweet love what do you guys think? bitter because Min Joon is a cold hearted guy and has lost his dreams but sweet because ... well let's just say Nari will impact and change his life to the better? or the worse? Hmmm let's see what happens! I will try to upload the 1st chapter maybe tomorrow or by the end of the week till then ,please be excited! (〜^∇^)〜 love you guys! although this is a late card since its already 11pm i still am excited to see what ideas and names you guys give me and if you'd like to be added to the tag list please also let me know in the comments! tagging @helixx since she was interested, hope you like it so far!^.^
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Definitely interested in what you have so far!! maybe for some "American" names you could use Lauren and Kiara (my name btw lol)
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@PrincessUnicorn omg thanks so much for the support! ill tag u! aweee i love those names! thanks
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