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(i need to add so markie & shiang) so....I don't. how to put this....before I continue, I just want to say, FIGHTING @BBxGD, your more serious then me anyhoo so tomorrow is my surgery that im getting on my nose (my septum is crooked) anyhoo so pray for me (you don't have to) also pray for BBxGD. after my surgery I will have gauze & tissue in my nose so it will feel like im under water. My nose will bleed to, since it has a lot of pressure. this is what im going to do after my surgery, 1. sit down on my bed & watch some moorim school cause bro I have not finshed it yet also I can't lay down so I have to sit down while sleeping. yup...that me over the weekend. I hope you Enjoy it (probably not but um still) im tagging so amazing people also if you want to be untagged or tagged let me know @KpopandKimchi, @Sammie99522 @Lexxcisco, @Isolate, @Jessicaacosta90, @NeoisRealo, @bryyaanna, @KatelynSummerso, @nnatalieg, @PrettieeEmm, @Creetheotaku, @SofiaFifi,@SarangRavi,@loftonc16
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Thank you, and stay strong and always smile. enjoy the dramas. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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I'm praying everything goes well honey 💗💗 I need to finish that one too I keep putting it off.
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@BBxGD thanks, I will. @Sammie99522 thanks for that. school keeps geting the way so that im not done with it
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@EmilyGardner I like to marathon them instead of waiting for them to come out I just haven't got to it yet
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that what I like to do. @Sammie99522
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