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Prince of Stride: Alternative is over..... :(

I enjoyed the final episode though, and will run through some thoughts about it here. I'll make a card probably next week wrapping up what I thought about the shows I watched this season, too!

Riku Gets to Be Anchor!

Is this beginning of Riku running second a sign that he'll get to be the last runner against his brother in this episode...? I hope so! The OP seems different....? But I think I'm just imagining that difference lol. What will the rest of this episode hold?

Final Training!

This makes me worried though, like I feel like someone will get hurt. I know Nana wanted to let him be the anchor, it seems like she even wanted to put him there but regretted not doing it, so it's cool that Takeru stepped up and let Riku do it. And of course, if Takeru and Nana and Riku want it, everyone is going to agree!
I also got all paranoid when they asked Nana how her physical & mental state is.

These Friendship-Ships. So cute.

They promised not to play Shogi until they've won. Kuga & Heath walking around and discussing the race....so cute. And Kuga stopped riding until they're done!!! Cute cute cute cute cute. And Nana....well, Nana knows what everyone is capable of.
And I can't even talk about Takeru & Riku because I might self combust.

But...can't we see more of the race :(

I know they had to pack in a lot, but I felt like we got so much more running excitement in the beginning, and this episode - which should have had the most excitement and a big she-bang as Riku & Tomoe faced off, instead we didn't even get to see like any of the race. I appreciated Riku's voiceover and like the feelsyness, but I want to see some running too!!!!

Annnnd it's over!

Still loved this show, but I won't lie, these last 2 episodes didn't do it for me as much as I had hoped they would. Still, love the characters & love the general show ^^
I honestly might pray for some sort of 13th episode or OVA or SOMETHING to give a bit more excitement....also as much as I appreciate that Nana is just one of the team, where did that Otome romance game base disappear to??
@hikaymm I love it and I wanted to hear it since the anime ended and now I'm off to the next sports anime
@SeoInHan hehehe I'm finally gonna watch the sports ones I Haven't seen soon ^^
@SeoInHan It's SO good!!!!
I legit played the opening so many times today.