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Hiya Vinglers! So I think we all know one lesson we have learned from anime is to not judge a book by its cover. That is told through so many characters and animes (I could not list them all) but I will share some great quotes from characters that personally spoke to me!
Judging people by appearances is a very ignorant thing to do! And I think definitely in Noragami we definitely see why we shouldn't do that. Yes someone's past may stick with them but that doesn't mean they should be treated differently because of it.
Haruhi is literally meee! Appearances and gender should not affect how you treat a person. Accept them for who they are! Some of the people with the biggest hearts and the kind soul may not be the most attractive of the bunch but that doesn't mean they aren't worse than the next guy!
Look past personal criticisms & judgments and treat others the way you would want to be treated!! Take a step back and put yourself in their shoes and treat them with the respect they deserve!
Here's the big take home as well!!! Don't let anyone tell you how or how you should not look!!! You are you for a reason!!! Be unique and be yourself!!! And if people don't appreciate it forget em!! You don't need that negativity in your life!! Love yourself and then love others and others love and appreciate you! X)
Okay there ya go guys and gals!! Hope you like this card! Thank you for reading! Hit the like button and Comment below your thoughts or other animes that taught this lesson to you!
I really like Haruhi as am example, she doesn't look like a boy and doesn't care if she acts like one, that means she's really boyish and acts rebellious. NO, it's something else, you can't judge straight away, for Haruhi, she just Durango see the need to step down when she's asked to do something that normally wouldn't fit her gender.
Mostly learned a lot about human nature and how we should be kind to others and try to understand their pain. I've learned not to judge appearence especially because it doesn't define you, what's inside you does.
@hikaymm For me i watch ALMOST all romance so i usually get the good side only 馃榿
@Alcides13 I think anime usually comes around and shows both the good and bad of things though
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