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So, after that one card I wrote about the Peeps-flavored frozen yogurt, I think it's safe to say that our community on here is pretty mixed on how we feel about marshmallow Peeps. But what if, instead, they were marshmallow POOPS?

Hear me out, you guys. Marshmallow Poops are actually awesome.

Photographer Matthew Cetta of the Nomageddon food blog has been turning the heads of the Internet with his emoji update of a classic Easter treat.

It's brown, it's curvy, it's definitely not shaped like a standard Peep. (Plus, if you're interested in making them yourself, the original blog post has some pretty hilarious directions to follow.)
When asked about why he was inspired to make Poop Peeps, Matthew had this to say:

"I can never pass up a good poop joke."

Now you guys can check out that link posted above to make the recipe yourself, but before all that, comment below and let me know:

Would you be down to eat Poop Peeps this Easter?

@danidee thanks for making me laugh so loud I woke my mom and the neighbors
@danidee Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!! yes!!! Haha! Brilliant!
@YumiMiyazaki Idk, some crappy genre. :D :D :D :D
@danidee Poop S'mores! I love it! what genre of music would u play?
@YumiMiyazaki If it doesn't become an actual food, I want it to be the name of my band.
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