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How many hours of sleep are you able to get a night? I'm usually somewhere around the 6 1/2 hour mark when I finally actually DO pass out.
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I have insomnia so it takes ages for me to fall asleep even if I'm dead tired, sometimes I go a day or two without any sleep. when I do get to sleep I wake up every hour and a half to two hours and I could go up to two days sleeping.
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@IbyIbyIby Oh man, I wonder why you've got insomnia like that. Do you drink a lot of coffee?
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@IbyIbyiby i am the same way. i have been like that since i was 8. my doc finally put me on a sleeping med. sadly the meds are no longer working. Do you have night terrors too when you do sleep?
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@danidee i love coffee but i dont drink it as much now. i also only had it the morn. now its only when i am tired but have morning class or need to warm up.
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@danidee ya I do drink coffee alot but not on a daily basis, but when ever I do have coffee I drink it like water. I think it's because I'm constantly thinking I can't stop my brain from working I could have multiple things running on my mind just random stuff. .. .. .. @LaceChic1 I do get alot of night terrors some times I wake up and my heart is racing. I don't take the meds much cause in time your body gets used to the meds and they don't work as well plus the side effects of the meds are worse you can't concentrate on things and you get lots in your on thoughts. The meds have different side effects on different people. I tried smoking joints an hour before bed time it worked for some time but you shouldn't misuse it alot of people end up smoking up alot which is as bad as taking the meds. changing the lifestyle even helps.
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