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I did a google search: The world shows its support for America after terrorist attack in California. And this is a screenshot of what came up. I had to address this issue now sense not once, but twice, the world shows support and love for other countries that were victimized by recent terrorist attacks. First France and now Germany. The world is full of loving and supportive people it would seem. But where was all this love and support for America after the attacks in California? The world had no support to offer us. In fact, even America itself went on like nothing ever happened. In fact, if i had to depend on social media to find out that it happened, i would have never known. Two days passed and I dont watch tv or listen to radio. For two days, i didnt even know about the attack in cali because i didn't see a single post about it on facebook or instagram. So apparently, no one cares about America including Americans themselves and everyone is okay with that. And yeah, you guessed it, I'm a consirvitive. Because you know that liberals don't care about such things.
@leogirl32 From what I've seen, people in other countries consider America to be home of excessive amounts of gun violence, to the point where it's seen as a daily ocurrence, on par with the violence in the middle east, in other words, nothing special. While it was a terrorist attack, it didn't register as anything special, sadly, especially with the mass shootings that have become an almost weekly event.
Sad actually..!!
@shannonl5 regardless of any proof that i may offer or anything that may be said about it, i think that most people know that there is truth to what i am saying. mark zuckerburg didnt make a special profile picture with the u.s flag either. and the paris attack i believe happened before or right around the same time as the attack in california, at least within weeks of each other. and you prove a point when you say that it shows results based on what people click on most often. that means that most people are a lot more interested in what happened in france than in the u.s. honestly, what im saying is that the world lost respect for the u.s a long time ago and americans stopped being patriotic long ago. on the annaversary of 9/11 last year, it was the same thing. people cant try to deny it if they want but the truth is self evident.
Google ranks its results based on an algorithm, and things that are more recent and more clicked on rise to the top. So if you're looking for results about the attack from last December it's probably going to be much lower because it was over three months ago. It's unfortunate, but that's how the news cycle works. Details about the Brussels attack are still emerging. All I can say re: fb and insta is that if people aren't posting the content you want to see, you might be following the wrong people.
Seriously m from India... N i would say i heard about Paris attack n this recent one in Brussels in great detail... In fact our country seriously felt bad and many people expressed their grief.... But the one in cali.... I don't know, i just saw it once at a news channel n that's all about it.... In fact if you hadn't mentioned i might have forgot it.... So..its all about a trend that we follow... Share it with everyone... Express grief...n they would forward your post... Because your post made them realise whats going on in this world... People just tend to follow whatever is new trend...!!
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