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This group has sadly disbanded.
Eighth Group: Spica To further support this group subscribe to their YouTube Channel here. Members: (5)
Name: Park Ju Hyun Stage Name: Juhyun She is a main rapper and a vocalist. She was born in 1986.
Name: Kim Bo Ah Stage Name: Boa She is a main vocalist and the Leader. She was born in 1987.
Name: Yang Ji Won Stage Name: Jiwon She is the face of the group and a vocalist. She was born in 1988.
Name: Park Na Rae Stage Name: Narae She is a main vocalist. She was born in 1988.
Name: Kim Bo Hyung Stage Name: Bohyung She is a lead vocalist and the Maknae. She was born in 1989.
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@ChaErica you're welcome ^^
@MattK95 Thanks so much! I'm sorry for not replying I'm just now seeing this comment!!!
I love Spica!!! They have such amazing voices, I still listen to their song "Fire" usually around once a day XD Btw this is a great collection, it's nice to see some love and appreciation towards the less known groups, keep up the great work ^-^
Me, I'm loving these cards. Helps me broaden my ears and eyes for the Korean music industry
@IsoldaPazo Thanks! Don't worry I didn't forget that you wanted to be tagged! I already had this card made before you said you did. You shall be tagged starting next week!