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so in case you guys don't know here is a little background for you guys BTS is my favorite group and I love BTS and I Love Suga and everyone in bts, HOWEVER Jackson is my ultimate bias. so can we take a moment to talk about how Jackson got so many lines in fly and those dance moves I mean ughhh. I do kinda wish everyone else would have got more screen time as Jackson and jr. but Jackson still killed the MV. I was talking with a friend of mine (kayla) about how we are all vampires or zombies bc kpop kills us and then brings us back to life. she chose zombie but I picked vampires, incase you were wondering. SO YOU DO YOU THINK KILLED IT IN FLY? WHO IS UR ULTIMATE BIAS OR JUST ALL YOUR BIAS IN GENERAL? ARE YOU A KPOP ZOMBIE OR VAMPIRE? LET MEEE KNOW SO I DON'T SOUND ALL CRAZY BY MYSELF
lol yasss. and jackson is my UB too
Jackson!!! urgh
I forreal cannot handle him. He's such a bias wrecker. Ugh.