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Hey everyone!!!

Since I started leading Waifu Wednesdays earlier this year, there have been more than 150 cards that I've clipped to the Waifu Wednesday Collection!!! How amazing is that?!
And now, I want to do more!! I think the most fun WW are the ones where we have a theme, so...

I'm taking suggestions!!!

What kinds of themes do you guys want to try for Waifu Wednesday?

Better yet, why don't you run Waifu Wendesday with me? Me and @BlackoutZJ like to do a Harem edition of WW every few weeks, so if there's anyone else who wants to join in and do a regular theme with me, let me know!!!! I'm open to lots of ideas :)
Tagging past WW participants to get more ideas <3
Thanks for all the ideas everyone!!!! I'll update themes for April on next Wednesday and will recruit some of you to help me :P
Battle Edition
How about loli edition
Scheduling the announcement of next months themes now...it'll go up later today XD get ready!!!!! it's prety exciting~~
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