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I am in love with words. I am constantly looking for the next phrase or sentence or word or letter that will bring forward some emotion kept locked inside. To me, words can be a tool and a weapon. As a tool, it can build bridges between people. Bridges that are used to share experiences and feelings, both good and bad. As a weapon, they can bring someone back from fantasy or create conflict between opposing opinions. But for me, the greatest thing about words is how varied they are and still remain unique no matter how many times the exact same words are used together.
I read a lot of poetry books from authors such as Robert M Drake. Unlike traditional poetry, his poems have little to no rhyme at all. But that is what I find beautiful. Instead of having to choose specific words that sound and work well together, he just writes whatever he feels. By doing so, he has more freedom to clearly express his emotions and thoughts. Raw, uncensored ideas just thrown onto a page. In those ideas are emotions that I can often relate to and admire.
I admire Drake's work with a passion, but without a doubt, my favorite book is "Love and Misadventure" by Lang Leav. This book contains mostly short poems that rhyme and others that are short pieces, like journal entries. What amazes me is how just a few lines can be so influential. It may seem easy to reproduce, but I believe that unless one has gone through that specific experience, it cannot and will not be reproduced successfully. I crave the wisdom and knowledge that she has of her emotions that allow her to be able to describe them so fluently.
I started reading poetry when I was just a young boy, about the age of 12. At the time, I didnt have the same amount of fondness as I do now because it was hard to understand and relate to it. I found it boring and over exaggerated. But now, as a fresh adult, everything I read brings forth an emotion of some sort. One that is either common and experienced everyday or one that has been hidden in the dark crevices of my mind. But even if they bring back unwanted memories, I still read. Why? It might be because I'm a masochist. However, that's not what I tell myself. No, the reason why is to understand myself better. By reading all of these words constructed into sentences, I find answers. Answers to questions that I have about myself. If I am feeling something that I cannot quite comprehend, I read and look for the right feelings that are hidden in the letters. By discovering what I actually feel, it is easier to understand and react appropriately. It might be cliché, but I do understand when they say that by reading poetry, you have a better understanding of yourself. I hope you guys (if you haven't already) take up this hobby as well!