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Aishh, sorry for making this a day late! I got busier than I expected to be yesterday but I still wanted to make this review as a part of our countdown for the launch of our radio station!!
Hello and Welcome! Social Media Executive, @Sailynn, here with a brief review of a Korean skin care product! :D
Ya'll gonna have to see my face so be warned... o_o
First thing's first, I got this product from the Korean store, The Face Shop. A store that is literally all Korean beauty products and has become my life these past few months because I love their stuff!
As you may or may not know, charcoal is used a lot in facial products to unclog and tighten pores. Well since this is from volcanic lava, it's bound to do the same thing since it contains charcoal. And it's from Jeju Island! Brah- that's like KDrama central right there! <3 <3
It comes out pretty soft but quickly settles as a soft mousse and spreads very easily on the face. Plus it smells very clean! :D A huge plus :3
And now for a montage of my face! ^^
(Viewers discretion is advised.... I tend to get pretty dorky ;) )
My attempt at a mustache..... and my fail at a beard X3
(And a peak into my dorm!)
Full maskeu!
Please don't judge my horrible selcas. This is for Kbeauty review purposes! ;_; kekeke :D
So as you can see, the mask is (not evenly distributed but I tried!) slowly but surely drying up. The product recommends to wait about 10-15min until rinsing it with lukewarm water.
So as we wait- please enjoy a short montage of my face :D
I was in the middle of snapchatting as this was going on so that's why some of them are super silly. :3
But the really funny thing is that since the product is barely colored, like a pale ashy type of color- super light grey, and my skin tone is very pale (even though I'm Hispanic..... I get mistaken for either Caucasian or Spaniard a lot!), it almost blends in! XD
The smile was to demonstrate how far I can stretch my face while wearing the mask, :)
And ta-da! :D
It really leaves a clean feeling afterwards. :)
I usually put it on right before I shower but I showered in the morning yesterday so it was a nice change. :3
Definitely giving it a solid 10/10 because my pores are clean and my face is vibrant afterwards!
Have you guys tried similar products? Or any product from The Face Shop? Tell me how it went!
Thanks for tuning in! *bows*
And sorry for my face spam! X)
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I live for korean beauty products!
@Sailynn im gonna pm you
@KDSnKJH - agreed 😍😍😍😍 they know how to get our attention!
@sailynn No. It's the Laneige brand. I think you can actually get it at Target but I prefer the Korean stores because they give you tons of samples. That's how I knew how the yogurt pack worked.
@LemonLassie - A walk in store. They have an online store too but it's in Korean so you may have to translate some things. What kind of products were you looking for?
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