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Wanna get closer to the person you love? Going from flirty friendship to true intimacy takes time, but these little tips will certainly give you a running head start.
Jump into your relationship, and go deeper with these 8 ideas for furthering intimacy!

1. Say what you're really feeling.

Challenge yourself to speak the truth to your partner, and share the secret things you're feeling waayyy deep down. When you're insecure, when you're scared, when you're hurt... It takes courage, but it teach you more about yourself (and someone else) than you ever thought possible.

2. Give PDA a try.

It doesn't have to be in front of your closest friends – try it when you're somewhere anonymous, like a train station, or walking in an unfamiliar city. The resulting feelings of closeness (not to mention that giggly rush of feeling like high schoolers making out and in love for the first time) will amaze you. It's a you-against-the-world (who might just be giving you the stink eye) bliss.

3. Touch them somewhere unexpected.

Like their feet. Their back. Their elbow. All those random, non-obvious places that people just... don't really ever touch. That's my theory as for why getting a foot rub just feels so damn good. Since you're likely the only person to ever touch them this way, they'll associate the resulting rush of feel-good chemicals with your sweet, smiling face.

4. Exchange "homework assignments."

Turn that fascinating conversation you guys had into a little take-home intellectual exercise. Write an essay about each other. Or the recipe God was looking at the day he cooked them up. Something like that. Sharing thoughtful pieces of creative writing with each other will reveal totally new sides of you both.

5. Read a book together.

When was the last time you discussed a book with someone? Make it a tough work of philosophy. Or a short, easy read. Make it a volume of your favorite poems or scientific essays. The work doesn't matter – it's the conversations you have, the insights you get into their incredible, perfect mind. This is love.

6. Get sweaty.

As in exercise together. Challenge yourselves. Ideally, do something where you can both sort of "keep up" - maybe one of you is the more athletic one, but does that really matter when you're just kicking a soccer ball around? Or going for a short jog? Or doing your own separate thangs in the weight room? Observe their body moving in new ways. Smile at each other from across the gym. Celebrate how hot and healthy you both feel afterwards.

7. Reminisce.

What was it like to fall in love with them? Got any old pictures of you both you could look through? Or how about – do you still remember the first time you kissed, and all the insane things it made you feel? Talk about that. It's the greatest conversation ever, and you get to stoke their ego telling them how crazy you were/are about them. Sharing memories (especially two sides of the same memory) builds a shared intimacy out of your mutual story.

8. Chitchat about your relationship.

What's his love language? What does she dream her future will look like? Are we both getting what we want? How can I be a better friend, partner, gf, bf? Having little not-so-serious conversations about your relationship can make you both more comfortable with each other and more invested in the relationship. It starts with a simple question, but the next thing you know, it becomes a beautifully deep conversation.
These are my ideas for getting emotionally intimate. What are yours? :)
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@MundaneGirl my brother is military and just got married :)
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb Congrats! What branch is he in?
2 years ago·Reply
He's army @MundaneGirl!! so was my dad :) So military life is close to my heart
2 years ago·Reply
That's awesome! Yeah i didn't have any close family in the military but a lot of my friends are in the military now so yeah its close to my heart too @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply
yeah it's hard to tell that person that you have feelings for them even try to you almost there to tell them but just suck 😔
2 years ago·Reply