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Like I promised, I will be watching Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) and Signal this month!


[[[first episode spoilers!!!]]]


Here we go :D

Special Forces Alpha Team.

I know that this is meant to be intense since in less than 10 minutes into the episode Shijin gets into a knife battle, gets stabbed, saves 2 hostages, and resolves a situation with North Korea, but the fact that they use code names like "harry potter" and "big boss" makes me giggle.

I'm not big on long fight scenes so we'll see how much more of this there is in the drama.

Suddenly we're out of the dramatic situation and into the ridiculous. I LOVE the bromance in this and how goofy they are.

They use toy guns to stop a thief and somehow end up with stuffed animals as thanks.

The thief ended up stealing one of their phones while they were checking his wounds so they went to the hospital to retrieve it.

Moyeon is impressed by the first aid job - which of course Shinjin did... ***destiny***

I appreciate how corny the love-at-first-sight part of this episode was. Shinjin is all in lalaland and his friend is not having it. They still haven't gotten the stolen phone back.

Meanwhile, Moyeon is convinced that Shinjin is a thug trying to beat up the thief so she's being really nasty to him (and he loves it)

When he brings the runaway thief/patient back to the hospital after saving him from the gang trying to beat him up, Moyeon STILL doesn't believe that Shinjin isn't the thug.

She checks the CCTV to "prove" he beat up the kid himself but instead ends up fangirling over Shinjin while he saves the day. It was SO CUTE.

Afterwards she helps mend his wounds and that's when it starts to get really cheesy.

But somehow Joongki's acting makes it okay. He handles cheese well ;D

He needs to come back for a check up in a few days and he starts to get all mushy about wanting to come back every day and wanting her to be his doctor.

Smooth Shinjin, real smooth.

I bet a thousand bucks that she actually schedules him with a male doctor just to mess with him haha!

Now that he's starting to look like a really lame playboy, he redeems himself.

He's at the hospital for his checkup but sees an emergency and totally helps out. You go Shinjin.
Later they have a totally out-of-character phone convo...

Like, this is episode ONE! How are you already asking her out on a date?!

But then, Mr. Important has to rush off to war again and reschedule the date.

He gets rushed away in a helicopter and its safe to say that Moyeon is blow away. (I would be too Moyeon, I would be too.)

So all in all, I liked it!

It was cheesy but funny, and I like the dynamic Shinjin and Moyeon have.

I am hoping that they are getting the brunt of the romance line out of the way for more serious topics and can't wait to see Onew in the next few episodes!

Who else is watching!?

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@cindystran It gets even sadder... just wait. 😭
@StephanieDuong NO. this can't be happening. I was hoping you won't say that. I had hope for ep 12...😭😭😭
@cindystran Hahaha, the all nighters always have a sleeper! Off the top of my head right now, there's: God's Gift 14 Days ( MAJOR tear jerker), Ghost, The Village: Achiara's Secret and I'm sure almost everyone's heard of 2 Weeks Oh! and The Great Doctor aka Faith cause who can pass up Lee Min Ho being a badass with swords and armor, right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… Haha, It was pretty funny too!
@IMNII OMG i love ghost and 2 weeks! God's Gift 14 looks interesting! And just for the swords and armor I will add The Great Doctor to my list. lol
@cindystran Omg me too! 14 Days is definitely a good one imo. And hahaha, yeah I know the swords and armor alone make it interesting. When they were filming and he posted pictures and stuff I was like "ERMUHGERD what even is this yesness?!" ...I was going through an 'anything old looking and fighty' phase. I still like period dramas, though! A good one, if you never heard of it, is Moon Embracing the Sun. Can't say it's VERY action filled but there is some, along with a little mystery and heart gripping parts!