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Haiiiii Everyone! So I am back with the next part of the Ikon Game! This time, all of this story is my doing so hopefully you love it! I'm sorry it took until this time for me to post but I have been super busy with stuff here at home. Enjoy Part 4!

*WARNING* This part of the Game has Smut in it! Read at your own risk!

♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧ Words to Know: (Y/S/N)-Your Stage Name 'Pick your own Stage Name LINKS TO PAST GAMES: *Get to know Ikon: Link☞

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Link----› ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ Last Part ended up with you finding out the truth about the boys and Before you were able to escape you felt something pierce your back making you weak. You found out one of them had a syringe in their hand. Before you passed out, the last thing you heard was "Tsk. It was a shame... We didn't think you would find out this quickly..." ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ You woke up the next morning to find yourself in a dark place with only a small hint of sunlight peeking out through a window that was locked down tight. After you got your eyesight better and more clear, you saw you were in a/an (picture below)
Place your at You started panicking thinking what the boys had planned for you. If you were going to die, Will they ever let you out. Tears started falling off your eyes just thinking of spending the rest of your life in that scary place. But then, you soon started to drift to sleep. *An hour later* A loud noise woke you up. Someone was coming to see you. You got up and sat there ready to fight whoever was coming to You. Then you noticed, you weren't going to be able to do anything since you saw you were chained up. "Damn, so much for protecting myself" You said in a low voice The footsteps started getting closer and closer until suddenly, the door swung open...
#1: This Guy Was Who You Saw At The Door He was carrying food and a drink for you. He walked towards you and said "Hi Y/S/N, are you feeling better? I brought you food so you can eat" and placed the tray of food in front of you. You looked at him in a scared way and he could see that. He didn't want you to be afraid but it's not your fault that you are after what they did to you. Then you saw another shadow by the door just staring at you. (pic below)
#2:This Guy Was The One Staring At You 'Make sure is not the same as #1' He came towards you and said "Were sorry about what we did to you, we didn't mean for it to get this far. All we wanted was to be with you and for you to like us...but my guess is, you hate us for what we did isn't it?" You stayed quiet and looked away from them. "I'm not hungry, I lost my appetite" You said to them.
#3:This Guy Came In And Heard What You Said 'Make sure is not the same as #1 or #2' "Eat something, you'll get sick. Don't make one of us feed you by force" He says giving you a glare. You had to admit, the way he said it made you a little bit scared but you didn't want him seeing you afraid so you just huffed and said "If I don't want to eat, then I don't have to" and crossed your arms. (#3 guy) was getting impatient and didn't like the way you were talking to him. He started walking towards you with an angered face but (pic below)
#4:This Guy Stopped Him Before He Did Something To You 'Make sure not same as #1, #2, or #3guy' Chill bro, (#4 guy) said. Don't forget she's a girl and we don't hurt females" He said to (#3 guy). "If she doesn't want to eat, then so be it, but don't you ever dare go after her like that again, UNDERSTOOD?" He added (#3 guy) turned back to look at you with a scary look and then moved back to where he was at before. You turned to look at (#4 guy) and said "You said you don't hurt females right? Then what do you call what you are doing to me? huh?" he just looked down to the floor and you continued to say "You hit me with a bat, kidnapped me, made up a story about some thief's breaking into my apartment, brought me here to your place and injected me with a syringe and now tied up in this creepy place! WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT?" The 4 guys in the room just looked at you with a blank, sad face because what you have said was right. They invaded your personal space and lied to you. They didn't feel like fans anymore, they felt like kidnappers, no, more like Saesang fans. They became what they hated the most. After a few minutes of thinking, they all decided to leave. Once again, you were left alone in that dark place. But then you heard someone coming back. The door opened and in came someone you didnt want to see or talk to by the way he creeped you out. It was bad temper guy. He did not look happy. (#3 Guy) started coming towards you, grabbed your throat and said in a low husky voice.. "Don't you ever talk back at me or you will see my bad side and you don't want to see that side, Got It?!" You were trying to yell but he covered your mouth with his other hand so you wouldn't make a sound that will alarm the others. By that point, you were already scared of him so you just nodded back in response. "Good, and if you say anything about this to anyone, you will regret it" He said as he tugged at your hair. He then started to get a little frisky with you. He removed his hand that was in your throat and moved it to your lips, then to your shoulders, then in between your breast; which gave you goosebumps. He then started heading down to your thighs caressing every inch until he made it in between your legs. You made a tiny noise which aroused him a bit more so he continued caressing. You began thinking of how good it felt the way he touched you, how careful he was while he did it. *Here starts the smutness* You let out a tiny moan once he started to go a little more inside between your legs. He looked at you and bit his lip. That just made you want to kiss those lips of his but you didnt do anything so you just looked at him. "You have very nice legs Y/S/N" He said as he bit his lip while staring at you like he wants to devour you.
"T-thank you" You said trying to speak without sounding like your enjoying it. But he ended up catching on that you were indeed enjoying it so he smirked and got closer to your face. You could feel his warm breathe on your neck as he was kissing you. You couldn't help but let out a tiny moan as he bit your spot by your collar bone. He was enjoying himself. And even though you shouldn't be, you were enjoying every single moment, every touch of his hands and lips on you felt so good. *Smut smut smut alert! Thank you @twistedpuppy for helping me with this smut smut part LOL* Soon, his finger disappeared inside you. You tried to bite back a moan but failed as he slipped another finger in. "Ahh (#3 guys name)" You yell out his name. Hearing you call out his name just aroused him even more so he started to move his fingers inside you going faster and faster while he nibbled on your neck and spreading your legs even more apart. His other hand that was free went under your shirt and started to massage your breasts. You moaned again loving every touch and attention he was giving your breast. He placed his lips onto yours and kissed you slowly and passionately. You tried to resist yourself from his lips but you couldn't by the motion of his tongue along with yours. It was getting harder for you to ignore it and hate him. You wanted him more and more but your thoughts kept getting to you that he was a kidnapper. But on the other side, you wanted him. If only you weren't tied up, but then again being tied up just aroused you more. He stopped kissing you and looked at you while his fingers were still inside you looking for your soft spot. You looked at him too and said as a whisper (Pic below)
What you said as a whisper to him No matter what response you gave him, he smirked and bit his lip. He pulled out his hand that was under your shirt, placed it around your waist, lifted you up a little and got close to you that you almost were touching lips. You both looked at each other until.... You moaned so loud calling his name. He found your spot so he hit it hard making you cum. He smirked, bit his lip and whispered still looking at you... "That is all you'll get...for now" while breathing heavily by your lips. You wanted him to kiss you so bad but then... He pulled his fingers out; which made you gasp, sat you back down to the floor, got up and left.. Leaving you out of breath and wanting more. To Be Continued.... ♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢♧♢
Woooooo is it hot in here or what! *fans myself* I hope y'all enjoyed this part. It took me a while to think what should happen and came up with this Lol Special thanks to my Smut expert @twistedpuppy for the help on the smut part LOL Anywho let me know what you thought about this ^-^

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