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After leaving this tutorial video open on my laptop for over a week, I finally tried it!

Those Colorful Eyes!

Since I tend to wear the same thing from day to day, I recently looked for a more exciting tutorial that I would be able to pull off with the products I already own...and this was it!
I really liked this look from youtuber Shaaanxo who I often watch, and I figured I could do something pretty similar & just went for it!

And this was my end look!

Obviously, not as flawless as hers!!!
I altered a few things (no falsies, didn't have a blue, didn't really do anything with my lips, etc) but I actually loved what I ended up with! My coworkers have dubbed it the blueberry look and seem to think I have a date tonight because this isn't something I do often :)

What's your verdict on this look?

@TessStevens Definitely, haha, and I did NOT want to put falsies and knew if I made the lines any thicker I would have needed to in order ot feel balanced, lol.
This looks amazing and I LOVE Shannaxo on youtube. She always has such gorgeous dewy skin! It's actually a lot more subtle on you, which I like! Thinner lines are better for daytime lol. But really fun and cool!
You're very welcome!
@jlee37 Thanks!
I like it