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No matter how their victims were dressed, rapists have absolutely NO excuse!!! If you rape someone, you are just a low life with no self control, no matter what religion you believe in, it won't save you from going to hell. My suggestion, chemical castration and lifetime of community service.
i think it is really great that you bring awareness to this because it is believed by so many that women get raped because of their own fault because of the way they dress or being too flirtatious or some other reason. vic im blaming is very popular. people need to know that when a woman gets raped, it says nothing abo tt that woman but it sends a clear message about the man who raped her. No decent man commits rape, period! so whatever flaws the woman may have in her is irrelevent. A rapist is a cruel animal and he should always get the maximum punishment. and no woman deserves to be raped, ever!
@atmi yup yeah u r
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