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Would You Rather Wednesdays: Celebrity Crush!

We've all had them and we've all had daydreams about them.

But now it is time to choose...

Would you rather:

1. Have a one-on-one date with your celebrity crush for only one day.

If you guys hit it off, you can go on date two!


2. Be friends with your celeb crush forever but NEVER EVER have a chance at romance with them.

You're 100% friend-zoned.

Which would you choose?

Friendship or romance?

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I would hella be best friends with Vixx IDC! but want a chance with Jin ~
2 years agoReply
I'm gonna go with the date. If I don't like who they really are I can just never meet them again
2 years agoReply
Friendship has more perks
a year agoReply
@kpopandkimchi a date with Hakyeon would be paradise 馃槏 and like who says we couldn't be friends too!
a year agoReply
friend zoned maybe if we become bffs, we'll have those drunk talks and be...deep af
a year agoReply