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Don't ever let anyone tell you it's not possible.

Anything is possible and model, Jillian Mercado is a living testament. A couple months ago I touched on how amazing Mercado was and how she didn't let muscular dystrophy get in the way of her following her dreams [see here]. Not only has she graced the runways of NYFW, but she has been talked about on some of the biggest fashion blogs since emerging on the scene over the past couple of years. Talent never goes unseen and that is why Mercado has been cast as the new face of Beyonce's clothing line. Yes, you read that correctly -- Queen Bey. Talk about amazing. It's great to see celebrities reaching out and allowing all women to be seen and heard no matter what their story may be. From apparel with some of your favorite slogans and Yonce phrases, let's just admit -- Mercado is fit for such a position. If you're interested in seeing this amazing 'formation' clothing line or just want to see an amazing woman rock the pieces, keep scrolling and check out the images below.

How amazing is this?

Loving the collection? [shop here now]
she's also a model for Runway of Dreams. Tommy Hilfiger is currently in collaboration, and just released the children's line.
Looking good!
Oh wow that's pretty huge! I had no clue. Thanks for sharing :) @petname83
awesome job for her
Yes!!!! Amazing! @shannonl5