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Here's what the men had to say. 1. "She made me feel like what I gave her was enough, like I was enough." - Alex, 25 2. "She thinks for herself. She doesn't laugh at all my jokes, or pretend to constantly agree with me. If my jokes aren't funny, she says so, and if she disagrees with me, she'll make sure I know. I like that about her." - Mike, 26 3. "When I realized she was willing to do things for me just to make me happy I was like alright, maybe I'll stick with this one." - Cal, 23 4. "She barely even talked to me at first. I think she actually hated me in the beginning, or at least acted like it. She basically seemed completely disinterested, and that caught my interest. Not saying the chase always works, but it definitely made me want her more. I think a girl just wants to know how much you really want her, and I really wanted my girlfriend, and yeah maybe it was because she didn't want me...Now she loves me." - Vince, 26 5. "Honestly, she's amazing in bed. The first time we slept together I just thought, no way I'm letting her go anywhere." - Ryan, 25 6. "She's completely secure with who she is. She doesn't yell at me for looking at another woman and she doesn't beg me for compliments like her life depends on my approval." - Nick, 27 7. "She's just as weird as I am, and I absolutely love it." - Paul, 24 8. "She's extremely motivated, all on her own. There's nothing more attractive than a girl with motivation." - Lucas, 25 9. "She's not a whiner. Any other girl I've been with is always complaining, either about me or something I did. She's not like that." - Bailey, 27 10. "She makes more money than I do...Just kidding, but it does help that she has a job and can support herself." - Jay, 26 11. "She didn't pressure me to be with her. We never had to have the 'so what are we' conversation because she didn't rush me into a relationship that I didn't want to be in. It was just simple with her, there was no guessing, or games, we knew we liked each other, and that was that. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else, so that's why I'm obviously with her." - Peter, 24 12. "She's just genuine. She's genuinely a good person, and she has a good heart, and I could see that from the moment I met her. You'll never see a fake smile on her face, and I love her smile for that reason, it's real." - Daniel, 26
Sounds like all these girls as confident and sure of themselves! Such good qualities in a partner :)
yeah but it is superficiakt t卯ngs. still not true love. this is just being infatuated with someone just because they like these things in any woman. a man who really lover a woman will find something in her that he cant explain and he wont find it in anyone else. his love will not be determined by what he likes abov her bv by how much he loves and supports her when she is having issues and not feeling c么nfident and not the image of a perfect personality. a man who loves a woman will still ove her when she falls apart.