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I've got my eyes on you.

Fellas, trust me -- we notice. We might not notice it all, but we notice for the most part. You can't fool us. We know when you're dodging a text message because you're spending quality time with us, we know when you're making a move and we know when we you finally get the clue that we're just not that into you.
Okay, maybe I'm on a bit of a high horse. As much as we would like to, we don't know it all. Some things are better left secretive, or maybe not. According to Cosmopolitan, guys do some pretty interesting things that us women never really notice -- or do we? Well, keep scrolling and let's find out.

Checking Their Mobile Device For Texts

When you're out on a date and he sneaks to check his phone for a split second just to see if his hotline is poppin'. Not every guy does this, but there are definitely a select few.

Adjusting Themselves On The Low

Ladies, fellas get wedgies and a few other things every once in awhile too. Don't be surprised when you see him situating himself in his jeans.

Make A Move Without Really Making A Move

The old yawning trick is super old fellas. Might as well not make a move at all. Keep it quaint.

Checking You Out Of The Side Eye Of Their Eye

If you see him slightly glancing over every few minutes, he's not looking at the menu you're holding in your hand -- he's checking you out. It's 2016, get with the program. These tricks are played.

Fellas, is this legit?

Ladies, can you agree? What else have you noticed?
I woo people with my horrible dad jokes. Wait, woo means 'chase away super hard', right @nicolejb @buddyesd?
@nicolejb RIGHT. I got it.
That's what I always thought @danidee that's why they run so fast, the wind woos through them like a roadrunner!
@danidee 馃槉馃槉馃槉
@buddyesd OH BUDDY. <3
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