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So if you didn't know already Eric Nan is releasing his album "Interview" in a couple of hours!!!
He just did a v-Live stream singing songs (presumably? I missed the beginning) and talking to his fans. He kept on tearing up when thanking everyone and he seemed to be very touched by the fact that there were so many people in the audience!
He made the promise that if his song reached #1 on charts tonight he would go to a tutoring district (취준생 - 취직 준비하는 학생들 - students preparing to be employed) and do some guerilla singing and send some comfort and encouragement to the students.
He also made the promise that if his song got within the top 5 he would go volunteering with his fans. The original choices were, eating dinner together, going to the movies, kisses (which he immediately shut down) and other things.
He thanked all of his family, friends, fans, and company members and headed off the screen to give us the first preview for the mv "Good For You".
I personally liked this song very much. It was about how he was trying to show the girl that he's "Good For You" saying that he'll listen to all her complaints over a bottle of champagne and buy her all the things that catch her eye. As for they type of music I can't speak for that but it was smooth and very nice.

Please show Eric Nam a lot of love not only as the ASC host but as a singer too!

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He's an amazing singer.. He needs this moment to get out there and show everybody who doesn't know that's he's serious and he can make it.. I love him he's such a sweetheart
I've heard a lot about him, but I haven't heard any of his songs before. I might want to check him out.
I love Eric Nam!
@tayunnie that's usually my situation too 😕
After all the stress he's probably had in the past year he definitely deserves to have his songs/album in the top 5. I'm at school right now and I forgot my earphones so I can't watch his mv right now but I'm sure that both the sing and the video are amazing
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