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Hyolyn & Jooyoung - Erase

I think I mentioned this a lot of times already but I really have to thank @mattk95 for introducing me to Hyolyn. She's gorgeous and her vocal ability is so smooth and flawless. There are several versions of this song but the beatboxing one is my favorite! Well, the beating intro was a bit strong but it blended well when the duo started singing. Oh, and Jooyoung's falsetto will give you the chills down your spine.

Boa & Daichi Miura - Possibility

I always enjoy BoA's Japanese singles than her Korean ones. I feel like she expresses more emotion and charisma when she sings in Japanese. This is possibly one of my favorite duet collaboration. I have a sweet spot for r&b, power vocal and soulful voice.
Translation of the chorus:
"The pendulum is still swaying,
a thread which follows my last hope,
why did it snap and break off?
this kind of heart breaking,
for each other to do trial and error and acquire preparation,
I understand but I'm lost,
was this really okay?
We might've had the possibility"

Song Ji Eun (Secret) & Bang Yong Guk (BAP) - Going Crazy

This song is a dialogue between two people -- The guy who's supposedly obsessed with the girl and the girl who is suffocated by the guy's stalker behavior. Sounds pretty intense right? The vocal and rapping makes this song 10x more dramatic partly because they were able to express their frustration with their expression.

Seo in Guk & Eunji - All for You

You're going to get butterflies watching and listening to performance. I mean if you haven't watch Reply 1997 you might want to start after viewing this! Their on-screen chemistry here is extremely adorable and can the song be any cuter? I'm not a cheesy type of person but I enjoy this song. A+ vocal. A+ harmony!

Kim Min Jae & Solar - Star

Another cuteness overload music video and duet. @kpopandkimchi this might be your ultimate biases' baby boy. Just discover this actor/rapper who is a mix of Cha Hakyeon's killer eyes, Song Joong Ki's baby face, and Seo in Guk's plump lips. Oh, and I almost fell into the dark hole because his voice is so deep!

So Ji Sub & Younha - Picnic

What happens when you bring one of my favorite female vocalist and favorite actor together? A Picnic for my ears. This song is so beautiful in many ways. I had to share the entire lyrics because it's so poetic.
I keep looking in the mirror
because of my unfamiliar reflection
There’s no one here tonight
but I keep feeling warm
I don’t know why but I hear from
others that I smile a lot these days
Maybe my habits have changed,
even the way I talk
There are many things I’m curious
about like what you are doing right now?
It’s late at night but should I call you or not?
I keep getting timid
when I’m usually forward
I worry that you won’t like me
because I’m not like me these days
This feeling is like warm coffee,
I hope it won’t cool down
My heart is happy every day,
I hope you feel the same
Through the gray clouds, rain falls
It falls all night but it won’t stop
To the heart fluttering days when I couldn’t fall asleep
Like the day of a picnic – goodbye
**Like a child who is going on a picnic
My heart pounds just at the thought of you
Please answer me like a whistle
I get nervous at the words, I love you
The day love came to me
The day the bright sun rose
I miss those days**
I met quite a lot of people
I felt some passionate emotions
But this is different – all the women who have passed me by
I can’t remember them anymore – I’m currently in my first love
I want to do everything for you because I received a gift called you
It’s not enough even if I repay you for eternity, will you accept me?
I will lend you my broad shoulders every night
Will you just show me your shy smile?
I unpack the baggage that I packed before
And I start to take out the happy memories
So tears fall – neither taking nor
throwing out anymore – goodbye **
When I’m alone on an empty street
On days when the wind is cold
Time passes and love passes
So will my heart grow stronger? **
This rain won’t stop
From the faraway sky
Rain falls