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Seventeen's official Facebook released the news a few days ago that Vernon would be releasing a song ft. Pledis Girls.
And it's out!!! Sadly the only official way to listen to it is on Melon Music (which in America is not available) but if you want to listen to it at least listen to it from Pledis 17, the largest fan based tumblr account, here. This song was made as an OST for the webtoon "Love Revolution".
Someone made a video with the audio, and lyrics so check that out if you want but just a reminder that this is not an official music source!
Apparently the girl singing is Eun Woo from Produce 101!! So please show her a lot of support on the show and Seventeen's Vernon support too!
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@kpopINT oh ok. I just thought you wanted to share the audio. It's all over SoundCloud too if ppl wanna check it out.
it's on youtube
I guess I'll have to check it out then ^-^
@amobigbang that is true but I couldn't find an audio for an official source that could add up to possible music chart counts 😊