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Hello, Vinglers! First, I'd like to say thank you for everyone who has been following my collection, "Kinda Vegetarian, Totally Latina." This journey began at Lent - when I vowed to get rid of meat for 40 days (including fish).
I have always dabbled here-and-there with vegetarianism, but I never seriously stuck it out. This was the longest time I went without meat. Prior to this, I was actually eating less meat than I was maybe a year or two back. So the transition wasn't very difficult.
The reason why I have been putting off meat was for ethical reasons (mostly environmental). My stance on the meat industry isn't anything new - I felt the way I have felt for years. I just never did much about it. I went from eating meat to every meal, to eating meat a few times week, to eventually cut meat out for Lent.

Here's Some Things I've Learned:

1) Going vegetarian is much easier than I thought. With all of the meat substitutes, it felt like I never really got rid of meat at all. Anything kind of meat food you can think of, there's a vegetarian option for it.
2) I was able to eat more. Since a lot of vegetarian products and veggie sources in general are low in calories, I was able to stuff my face (and lose weight in the process), and that felt really good.
3) I already cook on a regular basis, but being on a vegetarian diet has pushed me to be more creative in the kitchen. I am cooking more often, and I am cooking very healthy meals.

The Answer You've Been Waiting For:

Considering how easy this journey has been for me, and how I've already built a routine around my new diet, I am going to stick to the vegetarian diet for much longer. I am not sure for how long, or if I can guarantee I won't slip, but I will take this day-by-day.
I will stay veggie for as long as I can!
I have been thinking about being pescetarian, but I am still just thinking about it. If I do consume seafood, it wouldn't be in excessive amounts. It would probably once a week. But nothing has been solidified. This is just still a thought. As for now, I will remain veggie!
WOO you go girl!!! I think I would probably bail and go back to eating meat. but I'm glad it's working out for you!
@alywoah I told myself during that time that it was because I felt bad for the animals and it was simple enough to go pescatarian because I didn't eat as much meat as I did another things growing up like rice and beans, but what actually happened was one day I ate an excessive amount of red meat and go bad stomach I assume this was my punishment and I shouldn't eat meat again :) I was in 8th grade when that happened still figuring myself out
I was pescatarian for almost 7 years, it was definitely a lifestyle change especially since I didn't do any of the cooking back then. I would always double up on rice and then eat veggie meat whenever my mom didn't make seafood. But then I went to Italy and all that flew out the window; I'll never be able to turn down meat again...salami, anything with a Bolognese sauce, 馃崡馃崠馃崝馃崫馃崲, smoked brisket 馃構
@jazziejazz thank you so much :) :)
so happy for you...
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