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*Beep Beep Beep* "Ugggh" covering your head with your pillow hoping that the noise would stop but unfortunately it continued. Looking up through your pillow you noticed it was day time, removing it from your head you looked at your alarm clock that was still annoyingly going off. Deciding to get out of bed, you turn your alarm off and went to wash up not wanting to fall back asleep and have another repeat of the previous morning. "Well at least this time I'll have plenty of time to get ready and maybe have some breakfast before leaving for school." You thought as you walked over to your window pulling the curtains open to let the sun shine through, only to abruptly shut them."Did I really just see that?" You slightly pulled the curtains open just to confirm that you actually saw what you saw. You were shocked at what you were seeing but yet you couldn't bring yourself to look away. There they were the 4 oldest boys that you just met the day before walking around shirtless in one of the rooms. Apparently your window faces one of the boys rooms, goodbye privacy. The rest of the morning was a bit of a blur, you got ready and had breakfast next thing you know your walking out the front door. Not wanting to see the boys even though you promised jackson to walk with them to school today, you just couldn't face them just yet especially after seeing them like that earlier. So in order to avoid any awkwardness you decided to book it to school before the boys came out to meet you. Getting to school a little earlier than expected you decided to head to class and try to get the image of the boys out your head before they got to school. That was easier said than done every time you closed your eyes an image of one the boys would appear. You started pounding your head against your desk hoping that would get rid of the images but to no avail. It seemed hopeless. The bell rang announcing the starting of class the students started rushing in, not wanting look up from your desk you were waiting for the teacher to come and get the class started. "Soo yoon-ah" You heard someone call your name. "Yah Kim soo yoon." You heard someone else call your name. Not wanting to look up at the people calling your name you decided to ignore praying the teacher would start any second. But it felt like someone was burning holes onto your head so you decided to look up only to lock eyes with a blonde headed boy along with his reddish brown headed friend. Your eyes opened wide in shock. They were staring at you as if they waiting for and explanation for this morning. Not sure what to say or if you should apologize for not waiting for them earlier, deciding on not saying anything afraid that you might let it slip that you saw them shirtless you looked away avoiding their gaze both JB and Jackson looked almost disappointed that you were ignoring them. The rest of the school day was spent ignoring and or avoiding all contact with the boys. As to why the events of this morning affected you so much who knows, but you started feeling guilty. Deciding to come clean to the boys you made a plan to wait for them by the front gates after school and in a way to apologize for your behavior invite them out for some ice cream. A few minutes before you caught sight of the boys, Mark was ahead the group so thought you get his attention first. "Mark oppa!" Not only did you succeed in getting his attention but the rest of Got7 as well, so taking advantage of the situation you waved them over. They seemed confused as to why all of a sudden you decided to talk to them when you had spent the entire ignoring them. JB and Jackson seemed to be very angry and you couldn't blame them they had done absolutely nothing wrong for you to have treated them the way you did. Taking in a deep breath you looked at all of them and apologized. "I'm sorry for the way I've been acting it's just after what happened this morning I couldn't bring myself to look at you or even talk to you. I really am sorry I hope you can forgive me and to make up for my behavior I would like to treat you to some ice cream." The boys could feel how sincere you were being but a question came to mind. "What had happened this morning?" It was Jr that had asked the question that was on everyone's mind. You felt your face heat up and you knew you were blushing but no matter how embarrassing it may be you decided to tell the boys exactly what had happened. You spent the evening at a park eating ice cream and talking with the boys. They made jokes about you being a pervert for watching them walking around shirtless. Mark and Jackson would cover their bodies with their arms as if to prevent you from looking at anything that shouldn't be seen. JB would try to defend you saying that he knew you really didn't mean to see them half naked but that only made it seem as if you were really trying to peek at them. BAMBAM and Yugyeom would would try to comfort you by saying that there wasn't really anything to see under their shirts of the four so there is no need to be embarrassed. Laying down in bed you couldn't help but smile it had been a while since you had that much fun and it was because you met 7 funny out going guys. They all had different personalities but when they're all together they make up the perfect friendship a friendship that you were happy to be apart of. You were glad that you woke late that first day of school that you had to be the one to show them to their classes. Closing your eyes you couldn't help but wait for the crazy adventures and memories that you would make. Drifting off to sleep that night your dreamt of Got7 you were standing in that very park that you were in just a few hours ago. They were in a circle and you were in the middle they were all just standing there smiling at you but one by one they started to disappear except for one. You thought he would soon disappear like the others but he didn't. He walked up to you grabbed your hand and put it by his heart and started to say something but you couldn't hear what he was saying. You tried reading his lips you could tell he was repeating the same thing over and over. It was then that you could here what he was saying. "My heart ONLY beats for you, ONLY sees you."
Took me a while to write this chapter hope you like it. Who was left in the dream? might reveal him next chapter although I'm thinking of keeping him a secret for a while. @MaritessSison
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