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I just found out @BBxGD treatment was working, but she was back in the hospital. Even though I haven't had a chance to make a little card in almost a week I have been super busy but I have been praying for you every day ♡♡ So if you would all keep her in your thoughts and prayers and continue to support her. @BBxGD We love you girl sorry I haven't been on here that much and just now finding out.
You got this love ♡♡
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omg that video was so cute!!! I'm in tears
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this was sooo cute💖💖 i esoecially love the gifs. 😂😂 thank you. @VatcheeAfandi99 miss u too 💖
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Please be healthy again!!!!!!
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lol Kdrama bringing people together
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Oh My GOD. that was soo cute.. she is in love it GD..lol..Now I know why she wanted to buy GD with Tablo's credit card..haha
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