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As we all know Eric Nam has been preparing for his second mini album since November/December of last year AND HERE IT FINALLY IS
I sincerely LOVE THIS SONG Chorus Lyrics: (may have errors) 오늘 밤 나와 champagne어때 좋아허던 café에 latte는 okay 너 하고 싶었던 것도 다 얘기 해줘도 Baby don't worry Baby I'll be good for you Trans; How does champagne with me tonight sound? Latte at your favorite cafe sounds good too Tell me everything you want to do Baby don’t worry Baby I’ll be good for you It's about how he is trying to show the girl that he's "Good For You" saying that he'll listen to all her complaints over a bottle of champagne or a latte and buy her all the things that catch her eye or do all the things she wants to do. As for they type of music I can't speak for that but it was smooth and very nice.

Please support Eric Nam with his newest album "Interview" and his title song "Good For You"!

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@SHINeeIngGirl so many people are in line to marry him but it's probabl because hes so focused on his career and on his work 😕
At times like this I sincerely wonder why Eric is still single... lol why he hasn't married yet (like how Jimin teases him on ASC). His voice sounds incredible, and he seems sooo sweet. 😄🙊❤🙌 Who ever she is, she's going to be a lucky lady (I hope ...lol) !
You can buy it signed though Mwave. He's having a meet and greet.
@katiems *tears*
@ESwee it IS so good oh my heart
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