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Looks like Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is the new cure-all. Well, not new, certainly, but more in the news than the ubiquitous baking soda. (More on bicarbonate sodium in a later card!)
When I looked up the uses for vaseline, you wouldn't believe the number of articles and hot lists this showed up in. You can try and Google it for yourself to see. Or you can stay here and read the top 10 daily uses for this miracle-in-a-jar!
How many of these useful tips do you use? If you have more tips for Vaseline, please share it in the comments!
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It is the best makeup remover I've been using it for years I thinks it also great for a moisturizer and it helps wrinkles around eye area !
1 I love smell stick tip. Best tip ever
I use it as lips balm at night and on my cracked heels. sometimes I use it to clean my craft knife and scissors from glued stain.
I didn't know about Vaseline being used for squeaky hinges. There are great tips!! Thank you for sharing them!
lts affordable and available all over the world.