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I don't know about anyone else here... but I seemed to have developed a girl crush on MAMAMOO's Moonbyul, a.k.a. Moonstar. Ever since Um Oh Ah Yeh came out, I've been keeping an eye out for MAMAMOO. I went outta order and watched and listened to You're The Best... but completely fell into their trap with Taller Than You (1cm Pride). But yea... I've added another individual to my bias list.
Moonbyul is sooooooo pretty!
But then she acts like a dork, which is fine by me!
And then there are times where she has me convinced that she's into females... which I have no problems with at all either!
I'm still fairly new to the MooMoo fandom, so I've got some digging up to do. But for now, Moonbyul's my girl!
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moonbyuls the best I love mamamoo
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moomoo is my stuffed animal I've had since 7thgrade
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