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Look at our boys. They have matured so much in the past years. I am so proud of them.
VKOOK!!! Goof balls as ever.
Mama Jin looking fresh, I'm loving that long hair in the front.
Is it just me or does Hobi look very sophisticated all the damn time. Boy wear more turtle necks!
Namjoon looks ready for the army. No i didn't mean it! We still got time! But damn those long legs, WHAT ARE THOSE!!!
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Mama Jin looking fresh... omg that is so cute!!!
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Hobi always looks sophisticated when he's not smiling, it's such a change of pace but it's so beautiful 馃槏
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they all look great but Hobi... damn... 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
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@MadAndrea see what im saying though like gah man
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@MandyNoona right!?
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