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Hey guys, this is for those of you who read/view my suju twitter/weibo update card, i have to say that soon there will be a really big storm, and it might give us a power outage for a while, so i just wanted to saw that ill try to update if i can but if i dont, please dont be pissed at me. Apparently a derecho is gonna hit us, and thats a long line of thunderstorms i guess. but yea well i guess finals will just have to be delayed XD i took 3/7 final exams and im already so drained TT.TT FML i wish we could choose to take finals or not ^^ life would be easier XD but yea just a heads up. and if i do end up updating, itll be through my phone so i dont know how crappy that'll look since i cant upload pics from my phone to vingle TT.TT its gonna hit us tomorrow, hopefully it doesnt but who knows if there had to be an outage, id want it to happen while im asleep~ or only for like an hour or something ! i dont like thunder~~ things are gonna get ugly around my area TT.TT it doesnt mean i wont even try to update tho, ill try but if i cant please forgive me ^^