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Be on the lookout for more news about Starbucks' latest legal brew-haha.
Two northern Californians have filed a class-action lawsuit against the coffeemaker, Starbucks, because of deceptive practices and theft.
While the lawsuit is just beginning to get traction, it all stems from a 2009 recipe change that Starbucks made to its lattes, which is a hot beverage topped with milk foam. According to plaintiffs, the actual "grande" cup containers are barely large enough to contain all 16 fluid ounces. This means that your 16-ounce grande latte is actually closer to 14 ounces--to leave room for the foam milk and to keep the drink 1/4 inch lower than the top of the cup, which stems from the 2009 recipe change.
This is one of the reasons why you tend to overhear people calling for "no foam" beverages at Starbucks (and other places).
Sounds to me like Starbucks needs a bigger cup and that the plaintiffs are looking to retire on a bazillion-dollar payout. OMG!
What do you think of Starbucks and under-filling their lattes, yet charging full price?
I get it. As a customer, I would be pissed. However, it's not really deliberate ripping off. It's more like the actual barista is undereducated on proper drink building, and they either didn't measure out the milk properly or put too much over-aerated foam, which will cause the foam to fall really fast and create a huge space. Alsooooooo.. it's kind of lame for them to say that the 'actual drink' is only 14 ounces because foam is a part of a latte. The foam, however, is only supposed to be 1/4" inches, so once again, yeah, I think this all goes back to a barista not building drinks to standard. God, this was really nerdy of me. I was a barista trainer for way too long lol.
I see what you mean about training @danidee. The plaintiffs demand that the liquid ounces of the latte be 16, plus the foam, which would be impossible to serve in a 16 ounce cup.
That makes sense because technically there's supposed to be a 1/4" of space between the drink and the cup's edge so it doesn't spill, but man, I feel like it's just splitting hairs at that point lol. But I get it. Starbucks is an expensive habit, and if you do it every day, that 1/4" of space definitely adds up.
whoa!!! @lavonyork
@marshalledgar yup lol. They even gave me a free Valentine's Day drink because I was curious about how it tasted
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