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too many handsome guys is not good for me in the morning; I had to control myself to not scream. But Cha Seung Won is missing from the list! He's 43 this year and still looks hot. Thanks @larkspurs for sharing and @yinofyang for linking me! You guys are <3.
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LOL. Tell me who your favorites are and I'll do a follow up. I was just sharing Drama Fevers. There are a few I like over 35 not on their list.
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Seriously can not believe that Song Seung Hun wasn't on the list. He's 36 so very eligible for the list. Let's make our own top ten and show them how it's done.
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Lee Sung Gyun - I find him adorable. He was in the Coffee Prince, I heard a rumor that he retired from acting - please come back...
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How about Goo Soo? He's exactly 35 yrs old! :D
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