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How well do you know Erik Lehnsherr?

Last week's Thor was a tough one! This week we'll be featuring one of our favorite villains... Magneto! I'm going to tell you three facts about him, but one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments and next week we'll see the answers!
1. Was unable to access his mutant powers at puberty due to hepatitis.
2. His helmet is designed to shield him from telepathy.
3. Wanda was his first daughter

Did you guess last week?

1. He was briefly on Hitler's side during WWII. TRUTH
2. In a non-canonical crossover he beat Superman LIE
3. He spent some time as a frog in Central Park. TRUTH
@LadyLuna mentioned this in the comments and it's absolutely right! Thor was lied to by Hitler and his allies in the comics- he quickly discovered how awful they were and switched sides. And yup, Superman kicked Thor's butt. But it's not canon! So there's that at least. The frog choice was... weird. I really couldn't have made that up.

Good luck this week!

I found the lie! It's my life. Just kidding lol. Number 3 馃榿馃榿
True true and false
@MajahnNelson lol your life isn't a lie, thought you might be caught in the Matrix? Try to bend a spoon and see what happens!
3 is the lie
lie truth truth
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