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She's smoking.

Yeah, that's what he said. It's the one look every makeup lover wants to accomplish at some point in her life, the smokey eye. While a smokey eye is much more dramatic than most women's typical go-to eye shadow routine, luckily there's a toned down look perfect for daytime. If you're weary about wearing a smokey eye on the job because it might be too much or you want to wear a smokey eye to your baby shower, but want it to be subtle as possible -- you've come to the right place. YouTube guru and my good friend, Autumn Estelle shows us how it's down step by step. Ladies, no longer are the days where you have to contemplate between a smokey eye or a neutral eye. Go for the daytime smokey! If you're feeling this look and happen to be a fan of a dramatic smokey eye, but want to tone things down, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Are you loving this toned down smokey eye?

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smokey is the thing that I never wanted to try...
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah, I feel like that is a lot of people's sentiments lol @arshada
2 years ago·Reply
I like... Will have to try it..
2 years ago·Reply
it's def a nice subtle look! if you try it, let me know how it turns out @jazziejazz
2 years ago·Reply
Oh I like this look and it's easy to create. I have a question. When you do a smokey eye, can you wear eyeliner? Or can I just leave it out completely?
2 years ago·Reply