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Hey Vinglers its another Who Do You Ship Wednesdays! This weeks anime is Fairy Tail. As we know there's a bunch of ships that are shipped in Fairy Tail with one popular character and two potential girls/guys. So why don't we settle one now! Who Do You Guys Ship with this Lightning Dragon Slayer Laxus?!
Cana Alberona! This beautiful Card Magic user is one of the potential girls people ship with Laxus. She is a fiesty drinker who isn't afraid to defend her own and especially her Fairy Tail Family❤ Cana is amazingly strong especially when she is given one of the three Grand Fairy spells called Fairy Gliter! Cana doesn't really have moments with Laxus but since she has known him for a whil and Laxus asked to see her boobs once people created this ship hoping Laxana will become canon lol. I love Cana but I dont know if she would end up with Laxus in the future.
Mirajane Strauss! This beautiful She-Devil is another potential girl that people ship Laxus with. Mira is an amazingly beautiful Take-Over Magic user who mainly uses her half demon powers to become the super powerful and scary She-Devil to protect her brother and sister and her Fairy Tail familt as well. Mira and Laxus have also known each other for a kong time and have had a moment or two in the anime series. The most shipped Miraxus moment happened when Laxus sucked up anti-magic particles hoping to save the people of Mangolia from becoming poisoned. Mira sits by Laxus telling him that she is very proud of him for saving his friends and to rest easy for they will help save him/ the Thunder Legion. This one of my Favorite ships and mostly because if they ever were to become canon this would be one badass power couple! Not saying Cana doesn't have a chance I actually think both have a chance I just ship Miraxus more lol.
Both ladies are beautiful and incredibly strong and can turn any guys heads like crazy!❤ So my question is Who Do You Ship with Laxus Dreyar?
@AnimeFan4Evr Lol Cana × Mira is accepted!
They're pretty but Laxus and I always and forever. 😏
Laxus must be with Mira they even each other out. Cana belongs with a fellow drunk hint hint.. Bacchus. so I ship Laxus and Mira!!
Laxus and Mira all the way
mira for sure
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