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Happy National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day everyone!!

(Had to post this in the morning but.. anyways, it's still National Puppy Day! :D)
Biggie was only 8 weeks old in this photo and is now 4 months and half.
Tiger was only 6 and half weeks old back then. She's 3 months old now. Still a baby. :)
I enjoyed having Biggie fall asleep on my belly (and laps too :) ) but can't do this now.. He's 37 pound. +_+
Tiger is still a baby. She loves playing. Oh, I just realized her face got a bit longer.
Puppies waiting for the treats. Yes they behave well and listen to me.. (when I hold treats in my hands haha!)
One of their most recent photos. Dancing-sleeping pose, which both of them are experts at. :) These babies are growing up FAST. I will miss their puppy days someday.
Sharing my love for all the puppies (and adult dogs) with you all!! <3
they are so cute
@jasmyndunn thank you!! yeah they are adorable :)
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