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WARNING: Mature content

This is a great fan made video made by the lovely @MandyNoona! It portrays chapter 1-9 beautifully and has very detailed parts! Give it a watch and a like! You won't be disappointed!

-Hoseok's point of view- I wipe my tears. "Great! Oh. But there's some other stuff that we should talk about first." "Like what?" "I'm going to perfectly honest with you about everything so you won't be upset or surprised later on. Okay?" "I appreciate that, so what do I need to be prepared for?" "You'll be a secret. No one can find out our relationship. You can tell your parents since I think they deserve to know who their daughter is dating, but I have to ask you not to tell anyone else." "I kind of figured that. As much as I'd like it to not be a secret, I understand that it has to be. I can live with it. What about your group members?" "I wouldn't be able to hide it well. I'd want to talk about you all the time and I'd go crazy if I couldn't." She giggles. "I could see that happening." Ah, she laughed. That's so nice to hear. "Besides Namjoon already knows you have my number, and that I'm asking you all of this. So it's only a matter of time before they figure it out. They'll know, but they're definitely not going to say anything to anyone." "There's more to tell me right?" "Yes. I have to do things that you may find odd. I have to greet fans and I have to do cute things for them, I have no choice in the matter. Of course it wouldn't mean anything beyond showing my appreciation for the fans, though. They are the reason I'm famous, ya know?" "As long as you're not kissing them then I don't mind, it's your job, and I figure they deserve it for supporting you guys." "No! No kissing!" She laughs. "Good. Anything else?" "Yes. J-Hope is a little different than me so if-" "Stop. You told me you'd prefer I knew Hoseok right?" "Yeah." "Would it bother you if I didn't try to learn about J-Hope? Like watching interviews or other things. Well, besides your songs. Of course I'll want to know what you guys sound like." "You'd do that?" "I like you, so I don't need to know something you'd rather me not worry about. Besides, if I'm going to meet these friends of yours someday I don't want to have any misconceptions about them. So you can tell me about them instead if you want to." She's so understanding about all of this. "I will! I'm so happy that you want to know just me. That means a lot. I'm glad you want to know my music, but you're not worried about anything else. I'm lucky." "It's what you wanted. You're bossy, but I listen anyway, remember?" "Yes, of course I do. I promise not to be too bossy, but I'll probably still do it sometimes." "That's fine; because I won't always let you get your way. You'll find out eventually that I can be very stubborn." "Well, I like a bit of a challenge. I don't mind a tease, cause I enjoy the chase." Good one. That's cool, right? I hear her trying to hold back a laugh. "What?" I hear muffled laughter; is she covering the phone while she laughs! "What!" "You're so damn cheesy and you're so clueless about it! I couldn't help it, I'm sorry!" "I don't know what American girls find cool!" "Definitely not that, but I feel like that was kind of lame on a universal scale." "You're seriously mean about this." "I told you I like to laugh, so you can keep saying those things. I like that about you, you're lame and have no idea. That oblivious way about you when it comes to romance is cute." "That's almost a compliment, but I'm not going to keep doing things that will make you laugh at me. I'm not lame or cheesy." "Please don't stop saying them! That's part of who you are and I like it!" "We'll see." I hear our flight number announced. "Oh. I have to go, we're at the airport and our flight was just announced." "Okay, have a safe flight." I can hear her smiling while she talks. "Thanks. So..." "So?" "I'll talk to you later!" "Okay, I'm looking forward to it. Bye." "Bye." I end the call and just sit for a moment. I can't believe that just happened. I just started a relationship with her. Everything will be really different now. It'll be so exciting though! Oh, no. What about the guys? They're going to know almost immediately since I'm smiling like an idiot! They're going to call me stupid and thoughtless. I'll just have to play it cool. How do I act depressed when I'm ridiculously happy? I feel like it'd hurt their feelings if I didn't tell them, but I think this is way too soon. I'll tell Namjoon since he knows about all this. I'll ask him what I should do. We board the plane. "Hey. Jimin, can I switch spots with you?" "Why?" "Because I have a window seat and you have one by the aisle. I like leg room and you like window seats so you can lean against it." I want to sit by Namjoon, but I was also about to be stuck next to Yoongi. "You know me too well. Sure, I'll switch." He gets up and looks at where my spot was. He sees it's by Yoongi. "Oh. Aisle seat or not, I get why you want to sit here." "Kinda. I appreciate it." "No problem." I sit down and sigh. "You can stop pretending now." "What do you mean pretending?" "I saw you on the phone. By the end of it you looked extremely happy. So you can stop pretending." "Did anyone else see?" "No." "Good." "But we did hear you when you were crying into the phone. We weren't all that far away and you're voice travels." "No. Seriously? Did anyone say anything?" "They looked and sighed, but it didn't seem like they heard exactly what you were saying. Just seemed like they felt bad for you. I don't think they even knew you were on the phone. They probably thought you were just upset about everything." I breathe a sigh of relief. "Thank God." "But I know. So tell me what happened." "She texted me, she was really upset and had been crying. She was angry with herself and felt stupid for believing anything I had said." "I can see where she's coming from." "Yeah. I told her I was sorry and explained how I was selfish and a coward. I told her I gave her my number because I didn't want to cut ties with her. Once she'd heard me out, she said I was being too hard on myself." He looks confused. "So you disrespect and hurt her, and she tells you that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself?" "Yeah." "This girl really is nice; bordering on the edge of selfless. Although, it seems like she depreciates herself a bit." "What do you mean?" "She felt it was more important that you didn't feel bad for what you did. She put you above her own feelings because she thinks yours are more important than her own. She doesn't think she's worth enough for you to be getting mad at yourself over hurting her." "Oh. Well that's not true. I'll have to make sure she won't think that way anymore. I'll tell her I should feel bad if I make her upset because I shouldn't be doing that." "That's a good idea. Okay, continue with the story." "So then she asked what I meant by not cutting ties." "And you told her you wanted to be with her?" "Yep." "What'd she say?" "She told me that we were a bit too far apart. I told her all the things I'd do for her, calling, texting, all that stuff..." "But?" "She was about to say it wasn't realistic when I yelled at her not to say that. I told her I cared about her and that I felt like she belonged in my life." "When you fall, you fall fast and hard, don't you?" "It seems that way. She said she felt the same way, but it'd be hard to trust me. She didn't think I'd be able to quit sleeping around with girls so easily." "That's a completely valid concern, she barely knows you and you did get with her just hours after having first met." "I know, I know. That's when I started crying. I begged her to trust me. I told her I cared about her enough that I would be able to stop. That I had spent plenty of time not sleeping with anyone before the debut, so it wouldn't kill me to do that again." He laughs. "Way to make yourself sound like a real catch. You basically said you can't get girls to even look at you unless you're famous." I laugh. "I kinda did, didn't I? Oh well, it worked a little. I asked her if she'd be willing get to know me enough that she could learn to trust me over time." "And she agreed?" I nod with a stupid smile on my face. "Smart girl for not just outright trusting you with nothing to back it up. That's good she's wanting to know you better before she fully trusts you. That means she really wants to take this seriously. She thinks it's worth her time to get to know you, trust you, and try to make a ridiculously long distance relationship work." "Wow. When you say it like that it's kind of intense." "Yep. So you better take it just as seriously as she does, or you'll be wasting her time. Leading to you eventually breaking her heart. You really seem to like her though, and she sounds like a great girl; so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to try." "You're right. If you like someone it's easy to put in the effort to make them happy." "Keep in mind that you can't let this relationship become a distraction. We don't need some Yoko Ono shit happening after we've just started getting on somewhat solid ground." "Yoko Ono?" "Seriously? She's the one who basically broke up The Beatles because John Lennon let her become a huge distraction and she took over his life. It tore the group apart way faster than it was meant to. Therefore, I'm saying don't let her end up being an issue for the entire group. She seems like she's understanding and wouldn't do that, but I'm more afraid of you getting too..." "Too what?" "I guess there's not a nice way of saying it. I don't want you to let your feelings take over to the point that you get obsessive." "I'm not going to become obsessive. That's a little insulting." "Alright, I'm going to give you a play-by-play of what's happened in less than 24 hours. Afterwards you can tell me whether my concerns are warranted." "Okay?" "After just meeting her and talking to her for a while, you made the decision to let us worry by not responding to us; simply because you wanted to stay with her all night. On top of that, you gave her your personal number." He sighs. "Then you were so devastated about having to leave her that you got into a pretty big fight with Yoongi; which is something you've never done with anyone. I mean you were putting your hands on him, pushing him around, and you actually knocked him down. Then you started insulting him in an attempt to get him to actually physically fight you. You were seriously provoking him. I don't think he was going to do anything since he's a little more bark than bite; but the look on your face was clearly showing that if he didn't throw the first punch, then you were going to. That's not at all like you, that's pretty much the opposite of you." He rubs his temples, I guess he really is worried. "And just a little while ago, you were crying over her and begging her to be with you. You get seriously swept away by your feelings when it comes to her. You'll need to learn how to reign them in." "I sound like a crazy person." "You don't just sound like it, you are a little crazy. That's why I'm worried and I won't hesitate to intervene if I see an issue developing." "I'll work on it. I don't want it to be a problem for anyone. That'll make them be mad at me and hate her. I don't want to ruin our group either. So I'll try my best. If you see me getting too distracted or becoming "obsessed", then please tell me." "No problem. I'm sure she'll keep you in line anyway by telling you to focus less on her and more on your work if she feels your priorities are getting too uneven." "Yeah. She probably will. Oh, I need some advice." "If it's about relationships, my knowledge is limited so keep that in mind. I've done my best to help you out so far, but honestly, I don't think you'll get much advice from any of us." "It's not relationship advice, but if I ever do need some, I'm probably still going to come to you. You're still logical and you'd be able to see it objectively and from both sides. So you'd be my best bet. Sorry, you're kind of stuck with that I guess." He smiles. "I should probably take that as a compliment, but don't bug me too much." I laugh. "I won't. Anyway, what I was going to ask was when should I tell everyone else? I know it's too soon now, but-" "I dunno. Maybe you should tell them soon. Like ripping off a band aid." "But they'll think I'm so stupid. They won't understand at all, and I can't even imagine what Yoongi would say." "That's true, but it's likely that they're going to think you're being irresponsible and not understand your feelings whether you tell them now or six months from now. I don't think they'd be happy knowing you've been keeping something like this from them either. As for Yoongi, he'll never be happy about it. Maybe someday, but it'd take a long time." "You're right, that makes sense." "That's just my two cents, it's up to you what you choose to do. Keep in mind how well and how long you think you can hide something like that. I mean, we live together. We'd notice if you were always texting and we'd wonder who you keep talking on the phone with, or why you're even happier than before." I punch his arm. "Why are you so smart! You're so lucky! You should give some of that to me!" He shrugs. "Eh, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I'd much rather be more in touch with my emotions like you are. It's a nicer gift to have if you ask me. To be able to feel all your emotions to such extremes, it might be hard when they're negative, but it'd be worth it for the positive ones." "Yeah, guess we're both lucky in different ways. I'm going to have to think hard about how I'm going to tell them." "Whatever you say, you need to be ready for some criticism and hurtful words." I sigh. "Yeah, I know."
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I've never seen someone write a long J-Hope fic, ugh I'm so happy xD usually it's just short little imagines or such and usually even those end up being written shorter then the other member's imagines. Like this is my bias of Bts and my second ultimate bias ppl, give me more J-Hope xD Thank you so much for choosing him for your fanfic 💙☺️😍😊
Why is my Jimin so smart? *sighs* lol
@MadAndrea yaaaay ^-^ XD
@Tamaki1618 I have quite a bit more planned. It's like one shot all over again! That was meant to be short because it was based off a gang screenshot game for B.A.P and boom. 29 parts and an additional like 10 for an alternate ending. I suck at ending things quickly so you're in luck lol
@MadAndrea keep going! Make it a long one xD we both need this lmao
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