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Anime Challenge! My Dream Senpai!

Hey Vingle Nakama!

First off, Happy Waifu Wednesday! Don't forget to celebrate all of your glorious, precious waifus.
This is not that, though. This is a different thing that I was thinking of this morning as I looked out the window, the sunlight streaming down on a beautiful day. I thought about the choices I've made in my life that've gotten me to where I am today and the people that have helped me make those decisions.
I wonder about my decisions and the people who've helped me make em, and I can't help but also wonder how different things could be/may have been if I had a different, designated senpai.
So I decided to put my imagination to work, and I encourage everyone else to as well!

Who is your dream senpai?

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Hitman Reborn!

I'm pretty sure my dream sempai would be Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, father of Takeshi Yamamoto from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. He was the man who trained Yama in the Shigure Soen Ryu sword style. It's a style passed from generation to generation, of fathers to worthy sons. It adapts with each generation, adding layers to the style and growing it ever further.
More than that, Tsuyoshi is a damn fine sushi chef as well, and a kind hearted man. He is initially somewhat reluctant to teach Yama the style, but he sees the worth and drive in him and ultimately passes the Shigure Kintoki (that sword above) to his son.
I think he'd really help me get a better sense of discipline and value. I also really love sushi.

Challenge: Make a card about your own dream senpai!

Be sure to tag me in it, and anyone else you think has a dream senpai!

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@TiffanyWallace thanks you really helpfull
@Kpmanalo just write down the names of people you want to tag (or copy/paste) and add the @ in front of each name. Then go to the card you made and click/tap edit and add the names. Don't forget the @
eren sempi / attack on titan
Def will do.... Just after I finish my chapter 17 on my Sessho fanfic. I've neglected it for too long...
saber from fate stay night netero from hunter x hunter vash from trigun
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