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This is not the type of article I usually write. If anyone knows me, it's usually about them music, or the profound connection one has to it. But every once in a while it becomes necessary to be a little bit shallow. Just to draw attention to happiness every once in a while for the sake of it, can't be that bad right?
Get ready Panic! fans, because you might just die at the end of this post.

1. When the Girls/Girls/Boys video came out and you like...couldn't watch it in front of anyone else.

Uh, wait? This is just...too much.

2. When he slayed you with this reference to all of your favorite bands.

Because if you were one of those people that only listened to MCR, Panic and Fall Out boy, you're not alone. It's not shameful, it's a badge of honor damn it.

3. When you watched him geek out during the short film "A Weekend At Pete Rose's", and you didn't understand that the whole thing was a reference to American Psycho / Weekend at Bernies until you were a little older.

It's okay...we were there too. And he totally looked like your boyfriend meeting your dad for the first time, which was not only charming but completely hot as well.

4. When he became a vine star recently and people had no idea who he was.

"You effing idiots he sings for a band!"

5. When the Miss. Jackson video came out and everyone was like "eew his haircut", but you were like "that's fucking rad."

Whatever side you were on, it didn't matter, because that song blew your mind and you know it even if you thought it sounded too much like My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.

6. When he danced away from all the haters while filming a countdown show for Fuse.

It's the go-to reaction gif because like, A. Brendon Urie and B. Brendon Urie.

7. When he threw us all off with a reference to Monument Valley (a mobile game that will blow your mind.)

Seriously download it.

8. When his stage moves defied gravity and melted our hearts all at once.

Come on now, try not to watch that gif for the rest of the afternoon.

9. When he got genuinely white girl wasted and told us the history of Fall Out Boy.

If you haven't seen this, go, go find it and watch it. Honestly the most joy I've felt in years.

10. And finally, when he became a genuine demonic spirit, yet we were still all attracted to him.

Thanks, bye.
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Oh man, he made a Weekend at Bernie's style short film?