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{WW} Houki Shinonono
She's so cute 馃槏 Anime: Infinite Stratos
I like them all but Houki is my favorite
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@InVinsybll excuse you houki and tatenashi are so much better. Cecilia is like 6th where 1st to last: houki, tatenashi, charl, Laura, kanzashi, cecilia then rin js. Fite me m89
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@akatsubaki71 What the hell about Tabane, and Chifuyu?!
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@worldofelites19 yeah sry I forgot, I don't really ship them with Ichika tho. Both badass and cute too
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@akatsubaki71 Yeah shipping them with Ichika would be kind of strange, but they are both Waifu material in my opinion.
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Agreed :)
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