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What about this?
Have you guys heard of the Wii U video game Hyrule Warriors. I think it's considered a hack and slash game. But either way it is sooo fun and so I had marvelous idea whilst showering earlier. What if instead of the Legend of Zelda characters...we use Fairy Tail characters?
For those who don't know what Hyrule Warriors is this trailer just about sums up its greatness!
Wouldn't a hack and slash Fairy Tail game be awesome!? I for one think it would be.
I'll make more post about this game idea soon with more detail. Feel free to tell me what you think! Later! 馃檪
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there is a one piece game like that so a fairytale game isn't farfetched
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I think the voice of Link in this is Yuki Kaji.
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@KellerBertrand what's it called?
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@JohnMcCullough "one piece pirate warriors" I believe
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there is "one piece ultimate world" and "ultimate world red"
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