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I've been enjoying Rogue Galaxy thanks to Sony's PS2 on PS4 program and it looks like they just added Rockstar's Bully to their collection of games you can play on your PS4. I constantly hear that it's one of their best games next to Red Dead Redemption and that alone is enough to make me want to pick it up.
I didn't get to play it when it came out or when it got re-released on Xbox 360, so I'm excited to -- maybe -- give it a shot. Have any of you guys played the game? Is it worth picking up?
X-Com Enemy Unknown was released for Vita yesterday as well. And this game has always been on my radar but I never pulled the trigger on picking it up. The weird thing about this news is that I was recently wishing that I had some strategy game to play on my Vita before I went to bed. And it's like the Sony Gods answered my prayers.
I'm excited to finally get my hands on this one. But I've heard it was somewhat difficult. Have any of you played it? Is there anything I should know going in?
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very fun and addictive game! its a must get , freaking classic!