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What blew you away this season?

The last of the midseason shows are wrapping up, and it's time for the spring/summer tv season to start kicking off! I'll share a few of my favorites from the past couple months, but don't forget to show me yours! ;) gonna need something to catch up on while I'm waiting for the new stuff to start rolling in!

Blown away vs. binge later...

Where How to Get Away With Murder left off, I felt like I was on the edge of my seat. The season finale was definitely good, but didn't quite live up to what came before. I found myself pretty impatient by the end of it. Conclusion: Binge worthy for sure.
On the other hand, Supergirl outgrew its expectations. This show totally swept me away and I felt like I had to check in every week. Conclusion: Blown away, absolutely!

Better or worse?

I'm still watching Teen Wolf because I love the characters, but wow this recent season made no sense at all. It feels like season 2 was amazing, and since then they've been going downhill. I was hoping the introduction of new characters would help them out, but no such luck. Conclusion: Worse.
Happy to say that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has actually gotten funnier over time, and they're developing their characters more, which is always good in my book. Also showing improvement: Elementary. Before the break the episodes weren't as strong, which I chalk up to Lucy Liu needing some time off so she could care for her newborn. Definitely don't begrudge her that! But I am glad she's back. The duo really doesn't work without her. Conclusion: Better.


The 100. I'm really unhappy with some of the choices they've made this season, so the surprises there weren't exactly good. But the responses from the cast and the fans have been extremely encouraging, so I'm hoping that the show runners will listen and learn.
Daredevil. I had pretty high expectations of this one because the first season was so good. I loved the Punisher, I loved the new direction they found for some of their old characters, and I think they added something really necessary to the Marvel universe. I expected it to be good, but not this good. Definitely an awesome surprise!

What's your take?

Anything I skipped that I should see right away? Anything YOU missed that you're curious about? And most importantly, what are we all watching next?!
@Titplum yeah I'm really interested in where the plot with Raven is headed. And I'd like to see Octavia and Indra working together more too. I feel like after this most recent one they'll both be looking for revenge
@shannonl5 Maybe in the end, the death of these characters won't be a bad thing and will help refocus the plot on the original cast. I bet Octavia will have some interesting development. So will Raven and Clarke I hope. It's great to have a show with such strong female characters.
@Titplum I knew when they announced he'd been cast in American Gods he wouldn't be able to do both. It sucks, but it's a better opportunity for him and honestly he's perfect for it so I'm at least happy about that. (Sidebar: what's going on with Raven and Jaha right now it's been like 2 or 3 episodes since we've heard form them) Agreed. I liked the idea that she was still reeling from the aftermath of being kidnapped but I'm not really seeing that in the writing? They bring it up when it's convenient but other than that this feels like business as usual and it doesn't really have the element of surprise it did in earlier seasons
@shannonl5 Yes I think everybody knew it was coming, but still this show has been heartbreaking recently. For Scandal, I agree. The plot with Olivia's father is really getting old. And Olivia has been written largely out of character these past times. We'll see how it evolves but I'm not too enthusiastic about this anymore.
@MajahnNelson lol if you were only gonna pick one at least you picked a really good one! @Titplum I was kind of expecting the most recent episode (I won't say it just in case you're not up to date) but yeah I think with the fan outcry they're going to be more thoughtful next season. I'm enjoying some of Scandal, but it feels like the writing for Olivia really took a dive and since she's the main character it's struggling. I love what she and Mellie have going and I'm loving the race but it feels like they should have dealt with her father a season ago
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