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Alright guys, since things have started to cool down a little bit, I decided to upload this earlier then I intended.
Ok, so as you can see, Infinite and SS501 have been eliminated ;w;
Sorry guys, but they haven't been getting that many votes. So, let's continue with the contest.
For those of you that are new, I'll list the rules for this game.
You can vote on more then just one group, but it has to be all in one comment, not multiple comments, like for ex. the first comment will say EXO, and then the next comment you post will say Big Bang. So if you want to vote for more then one, be sure to out it on one comment because if there's multiple, I'll take the last comment you posted as your final vote for the week.
Another thing, once the week is over I'll tally all the votes, and eliminate 2 of the groups that got the least votes. So if you want to keep them up, be sure to vote for them.
Let's continue with the friendly fandom battle!!!
Oh, another thing, once this one is done, I'll be doing a girls group version of this. So if you guys would liked to be tagged for that one, be sure to comment and I'll write your username down.
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Big Bang
@MelissaGarza you have to put it all in one comment, other wise I'm only taking 2pm as your final vote