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In 2015, the NFL lost control of players on the field, as many fights broke loose during games. The league took notice of these issues and have addressed them this off-season.
For the 2016 season only, players will be subject to automatic ejection if they commit two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game.
Both changes were adopted as one-year experiments, to be re-evaluated after the 2016 season.
Coach Bruce Arians of the Cardinals thinks the rule will put a target on the backs of players. "You can cheap-shot guys now to get them to retaliate," Arians said. "So now I got one on you in the first half. I'm damn sure going after you in the second half."
While many see this as a big issue in the NFL, most of the major sports in America have an unsportsmanlike conduct policy which includes the right to throw the player from the game when they get out of control. The NBA gives the refs control in regards to tossing players, so what's the big deal?

Is the NFL doing the right thing by adding the automatic ejection rule?

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@duckthefodgers it wasn't just Odell though, the NFL in my opinion holds some of the worst on-field sportsmanship of all sports. Needs to be addressed for sure
@evanyanetti yeah I think this will put attention on players, but the key is to not get the first infraction anyway. Coaches will have to monitor the situations closely
@shannonL5 well said. Players need to learn to control their emotions. Especially in football when the next play (and physical contact) happens so fast. You have to remain poised
@rodneyyoung I agree, but that's the same case with basketball and football. You have to remain focused on the task of winning the game first though
I personally think this rule was long overdue and is in the best interest of all players on the field